Program Suzuki S-presso 2020 New Keys via Xtool X100 PAD3

How to use Xtool X100 Pad3 (X100 PAD Elite) programmer to add keys for Suzuki S-presso 2020? Here is the tutorial of procedure step by step.

Firstly, connect X100 PAD3 with OBD, press
Diagnosis >> Immobilization >> Agree >> IN SUZUKI >> India >> Immobiliser >> By type >> Type 7 >> Key programming >> Free pin code(old)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-1 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-2 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-3 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-4 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-5 (2)

Please send the following ID code to the makers to query the security code.
Press “Yes”.

You must connect to the network to continue, press “OK”.

After performing this function, all keys will be erased.
Press “Yes” to continue.

Hold the new key where the logo on the remote is facing and touching the START/STOP button with the key.

Program success, press “Yes” to program next one.

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-6 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-7 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-8 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-9 (2)

Repeat same operations to program other keys, press “No” when completed.

Program success, total keys:3, press “OK” to finish.

Let’s lest the keys now, all can work well.
Key programming has done!

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-10 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-11 (2)

program-suzuki-spresso-2020-new-keys-via-xtool-x100-pad3-12 (2)

This is using Xtool X100 PAD3 to program new keys for Suzuki S-presso 2020 successfully.

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