XTOOL X100 PAD3 Read& Clear Fault Code on 2020 Benz E Class W212

Purpose: Check whether if Xtool X100 Pad3 diagnose trouble codes on a 2020 Mercedes-Benz E Class W212.


Car region: Europe

Car brand: Mercedes-Benz

Car model: E- Class W212

Car year: 2020

Drive type: Diesel

Device: XTOOL X100 PAD3 auto key programmer

Diagnose control unit: Body

Diagnose system: CGW (ZGW)-Central gateway


Connect the X100 PAD Elite to the vehicle by main cable

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-1 (2)

Note: The larger connector is connected to the OBDII port of the vehicle, and the smaller connector is connected to the X100 PAD Elite key programmer.

Enter X100 PAD3 main menu

Select BENZ-> Select vehicle manually-> E-Class /CLS->212->212.001- e220 Blue TEC Sedan/E 220 Blue TEC BlueEFFICIENCY Edition Sedan

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-2 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-3 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-4 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-5 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-6 (2)

Set the parameterization of vehicle equipment

Select the related type of drive, transmission type, body variant, steering variant, national version and modification year

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-1 (2)
XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-7 (2)
XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-8 (2)

Then choose Control Unit-> Body-> 1.CGW (ZGW)-Central gateway
XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-9 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-10 (2)
XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-11 (2)

Read Trouble Code

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-12 (2)

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-13 (2)

Click on Clear Trouble Code to erase the fault memory

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-14 (2)

Switch ignition off 10s and switch on

Erase the fault code successfully

XTOOL-X100-PAD3-Read&-Clear-Fault-Code-on-2020-Benz-E-Class-W212-15 (2)


Besides E-Class W212, X100 PAD Elite also supports the following Mercedes-Benz models on read ECU info, read & clear trouble code, show live data, activation test, special function, coding, programming.

A-Class 168/ 169/ 177/176

AMG GT-Class 190

B-Class 245/246

C-Class 202/203/205

CL-Class 215/216/ X 164

CLA- Class 117/156

CLK- Class 208/209/204

CLS- Class 218/219/ 257

E-Class 207/210/211/212/213/ 238

G-Class 461(16- pin diagnostic socket)/ 463(16- pin diagnostic socket)

G- Class (As of 2010) 463

GLC- Class 253

GLE- Class 292

M-Class 163/ 164

M/GLE/ GL/GLS- Class 166

Maybach 240

R-Class 251

S-Class 140/217/ 220/221/222

SL-Class 129/ 230/231

SLK- Class 170(16- pin diagnostic socket)/ 171/ 172

SLK/SL C-Class 172

SLR- Class 199

SLS- Class 197

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