GM Tech2 Cannot Detect CANDI Module Solution

Thanks for the feedback @ Chris on Tech 2 Scan Tool. Here share the problem he got trouble in and offered the corresponding solution.


I received the tech 2. Thank you.

But, when I connect to obd2, it says “cannot detect CANDI module, please verify module is connected”. If it helps you, the green light on the candi module is flashing (not solid). I am not sure what to do. Can you help?

GM-Tech2-Cannot-Detect-CANDI-Module-Solution (2)

The solution:

I think I selected the wrong engine designation (there are 3) for my truck and the tech 2 could not communicate

because it was looking for a controller that was not present (which presented the error message “no candi module”).

So, I think the tech 2 was OK.

It was my fault in my selections. I got it to work now!

Very appreciate the solution Chris provided! Hope it helps you all!

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