1999 Corvette Coupe Bleed with GM TECH2 Very Glad

1999 Corvette Coupe: with replace brake hoses with steel braided. Gravity bled. How to bleed with GM Tech2 successfully.

1999-corvette-coupe-bleed-with-gm-tech2-04 (2)

all 4 corners as I replaced hoses.

1. Attached power bleeder and install hoses on all 4 bleeders to reduce chances of brake fluid going where I didn’t want !!!!

2. Attached Tech 2 followed someone else’s post on the steps (don’t remember who)

3. Powered on the Tech 2. Tech 2 passes power on self-test

4. Turn ignition to on position, did not start engine

5. Opened Tech 2 main menu The screen shows:

• F0 Diagnostics

• F1 Service Programming System

• F2 View Captured Data

• F3 GM Performance Parts Diagnostic

• F4 Tool Options

6. Selected F0, Diagnostics

7. Selected Model year (2000)

8. Selected Passenger Car

9. Selected F2 Chassis

10. Selected Product Line (Y) “establishing communication” seen on screen

11. Screen displayed: CAUTION: “ABS Braking is not available when ABS/TCS lamps are illuminated” (Note: I had no Codes related to the ABS or TCS and no light on the dash)

12. Pressed the “continue” key selection. The right-most softkey was highlighted.

13. Screen Reads: “Chassis”

• F0 ABS/TCS/Magnasteer

• F1 RTD

14. Selected F0, ABS/TCS/Magnasteer

15. Screen Reads:

• F0 DTC

• F1 Data Display

• F2 Special Functions

• F3 Snapshot

• F4 ID information

16. Selected F2 Special Functions

17. Screen Reads: (Note, I think I should have a function key at this step for Automated Bleed, but it is not there)

• F0 Automated Test

• F1 Solenoid Test

• F2 TCS Test

• F4 TCS Switch Information

• F5 Steering Position Sensor Test

18. Selected F0 Automated Test

19. Screen showed ready for test and a softkey highlighted for CONTINUE.

20. Pressed CONTINUE softkey

21. ABS pump activated for a second or two, and the car beeped twice, so I know the Tech 2 it talking to the car.

22. Then just followed the steps the Tech 2 showed, as you followed the steps you can hear and feel the pump and actuators cycling !!!!!!!

7. told me I was done !!!!!

My take !!!!!!! the fluid in my system was dark but did not look very contaminated, after the bleed process I am comfortable that my active handling is trouble free !!!! (had no issues to begin with, but never had to test on the road)

23. my opinion is a car that is subject to extreme conditions (hot and cold) may build up more condensation in the brake fluid thus rusting the EBCM parts ????

24. I purchased the Clone Tech 2 for this function alone, have now used it for various things and so glad I bought it !!!!!

1999-corvette-coupe-bleed-with-gm-tech2-03 (2)

1999-corvette-coupe-bleed-with-gm-tech2-02 (2)

1999-corvette-coupe-bleed-with-gm-tech2-01 (2)

Credits to @Pounder

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