How to Use OBDSTAR X300 DP Read PIN Code on Hyundai Kia

Before reading out the security code of Hyundai Kia (46 smart chip) using obdstar X300 DP pad, you have to firstly read out the 12 digits code using JMD ND900 or CN900 Mini.


Part 1. How to use JMD ND900 mini / CN900 Mini read out the 12 digits code of Hyundai Kia (46 smart chip)?

Mini900 / CN900 mini reads out the 12 digits code for the following 2 types of models:

the model with card slot;
the model with one-key start.

1) Procedure on how to read the 12 digits code on the model with card slot(shown as picture I):

Remove the card slot shell first (shown as picture II), because MINI900 cannot receive the vehicle signal directly for the limitation of card slot design. If the first time failed, please repeat for several times.


(Picture I)


(Picture 2)

2). Procedure on how to read out the 12 digits code on the model with one-key start:

Directly read the 12 digits code with the MINI900 device put close to the start button. Shown as below.


Notice: When reading 12 digits code of the smart card, please remove the battery and then operate as above.

Finally, the 12 digits code is read out and display on the screen, the last two digits in the P2 row + all digits in the P1 row are the 12digits code, that is 63 4B 69 4D 82 52. Shown as below.


Par 2. Use obdstar X300 DP Pad to read the security code of Hyundai Kia (46 smart chip).

1). Select the vehicle model and the latest software version.


2). Select “Read PinCode” option.


3). Select “Read PinCode(46 Smart Card)”.


4) Enter the 12 digits code acquired by MINI900 / CN900 mini.

5) Confirm the value is correct.


6). Read the security code successfully.



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