How to Program BMW ECU Online by XTOOL H6 PRO

XTOOL A80 PRO (same as H6 Pro) the ECU programming device can work for VW / BMW / BENZ / FORD / MAZDA / AUDI. Here brings you a demo on BMW X3 2015 online ECU (Seat memory, driver) programming by A80 PRO.

Connect XTOOL A80 PRO to vehicle as the diagram and to the network.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-1 (2)

On homepage, press


After firmware downloading, select “Automatic selection” and confirm vehicle information.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-2 (2)

Now on the main menu, press “Programming/Coding”.

Here we can also refer to the diagram.

Press “Next” and confirm vehicle info. again.

After configuration, we enter the system list.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-3 (2)

Choose “Seat memory, driver” and “Programming and coding” to start downloading programming file.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-4 (2)

Follow and watch the prompts.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-5 (2)
How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-6 (2)

The process may cost 5mins or more.

Programming and coding success.

How-to-Program-BMW-ECU-Online-by-XTOOL-H6-PRO-7 (2)


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