My using experience with GM MDI-2 tool

Just a FYI, But the Vm GDS2 V17 (2017) goes all they way up to 2018 vets, while the VM GDS2 v15 (2015) only goes up to the 2016 vets.

So once you download the Vm GDS2 V17 files, open it with either player or workstation, then install the VX manager to it (in the VM Shell), and it will load the VX GM Nano automatically when you have it plugged in.

Also to clean up what programs that come with the GN nano, and what programs do not.

In the C6 vets, all the Obd2 diagnostic tool and module resetting of the car is done through the Tech II itself. Since the nano does not have buttons or a screen it, it used a Tech2win PC base emulator program. so the way you are would push buttons on the actual Tech II, your now doing this on at PC instead. Note here, with a Tech II, you do security programming (like learning fobs to the car) through the Tech II/ Tech2win program if you are using the Gm Nano. The only program that does not come with the gm nano, is Tis2000, which contains SPS that is used to download firmware files from GM, to flash them into the modules. If tis2000 is needed, it available for the GM nano, including a dongle crack as well.

TIS2000, and the only program you would use in it if needed, would be SPS for the GM nano to download module firmware file from GM, to flash into the modules.
Note, think of the firmware files as the Operation system for the module to begin with, and once the initial firmware file has flashed into the module, then tech2win will allow you make the needed changes to the module programming.

Now on the C7, this is where things get a little harder, since Security programing, for programming in say a fob is not a function of GDS2, but GM TS SPS instead (its not the same SPS as the one in TIS2000). Hence if you need to program in a Fob, it has be done in the SDS program, which does not come with the Nano software.
So for Fob relearning on a C7 with the tool, you would open GM TS SPS, and in SPS, select VTD to program in a fob.
Again, in order for the SPS programs to work for the most part either in Tis2000 for the older cars, or GM TS for the newer cars, SPS has to connect to GM, which means that a GM subscription is needed to run SPS (and why it does not come with the GM nano).

So the Gm nano for the C7’s comes with just a VM gds 2 program that does not connect to gm, to work for diagnostic and resetting of none VTD (Vehicle Thief Deterrent) functions.

Hence think of GM TS as the entire shell of programs for the MDI side, and what is included with the Nano is only the GDS2 program for the C7, that is made to to run stand alone (without connecting to GM,so you don’t need a subscription).

So below is GM MDI 2 Scanner in its entirety below, and again, the GM Nano only comes with just the stand alone GDS2 program from the below shell of programs.

So again, if you need to download a firmware file from GM to flash into a module, or you need to do VTD security programing (again, done through the SPS program, not GDS2), then you will need a subscription to GM.
Note: once you have a GM subscription, logged in, as you need to use the below shell programs, the web shell will load in the needed software for any of the shell programs.

GM TS Web,


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