How to Use Ford VCM 2 Reprogram Existing Modules

Ford VCM 2 with Ford IDS Software for Ford diagnostic & programming. Quality Ford VCM2 can work with oringinal Ford IDS software from, Ford VCM2 Ford diagnostic tool also support firmware update. Here share How to use Ford VCM 2 reprogram Existing Module Step by Step.

Ford diagnostic Tool Ford VCM 2 Clone with Ford IDS Software

How-to-Use-Ford-VCM-2-Reprogram-Existing-Modules-1 Ford VCM 2 with IDS Ford diagnostic software reprogram an existing module, follow these steps:

(please connect the cloned Ford VCM2 unit to the car and run Ford IDS)


Step 1:Select the toolbox tab at the top of the screen

Step 2: Select “Module Programming”

Step 3: Select the tick mark or the Enter key

Step 4: Select “Module Reprogramming”

Step 5: From the fly out menu, select the type of module to be reprogrammed

Step 6: Select the tick mark or the Enter key

Step 7: The application will compare the current calibration level to the latest one available for thatvehicle. A message will appear.

Step 7A: If no later calibration is available, a message will appear indicating this. Select the tickmark or the Enter key to return to the Module Programming menu.

Step 7B: If a later calibration is available, a message will appear asking if you want to reprogramthe module with this calibration. If you do not want to reprogram the module, select “No”. You willbe returned to the Module Programming menu.

Step 8: If you want to reprogram the module, select “Yes” in response to the question “Do you wantto program the vehicle with this calibration?”

Step 9: Make sure that an Internet connection has been established and then select”Confirm”

Step 10: You will be presented with a screen that recommends that you carry out Self Test. If youchoose to complete this test, you will receive a list of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) that havebeen set on the vehicle. When finished viewing this list, select “Exit”.

Step 11: Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare the vehicle and turn the ignition key off and on.

Select the tick mark or the Enter key after each one.

Step 12: If necessary, apply the reprogramming label to the PCM

If an emissions recall has been performed or a required emissions-related TSB has been completed,an Authorized Modification label must be placed on the PCM. These labels can be purchased at theparts counter of a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealership.

Step 13: Select the tick mark or the Enter key to return to the Module Programming menu.

Ford VCM 2 important note for PCM reprogramming:

Ford VCM2 IDS Error Code:11.0×0 851082 when PCM reprogramming

It’s aimed to help how to reprogram/reflash Ford PCM via IDS software esp. for those with Error Code:11.0×0 851082 will be shared here by other users.

Error message:

“The operation cannot begin because the PCM failed to complete a service procedure. Perform PMI on the PCM to resolve the issue.”

Possible scanners working with:


Ford VCM2 clone

Customer solutions:

Customer A:

Turnoff your firewall

Customer B:

Uninstall fmp and reinstall it. I have had this happen before.
I have had some new pcm be un programmable.
And just for reference. Fmp doesn’t like Google. Use 32 bit processor as well.
I had to slow my computer down from 64-32 because fmp would not work correctly with 64.
Good luck.

Customer C:

If you are checking PCM for up-dates, Ford will advise on 6.0L powertrain if there is a reflash avail for TCM, FICM or PCM, if it states there is no update then all three modules are at latest level, no action required, I am aware it states to remove FICM relay prior to reflash FICM, this is a carryover note from when we used PDS or WDS to reflash the FICM, if you are using IDS with VMM interface its not required to remove the FICM relay, I have reflashed over 1000 of them this way over the last 7 years, as always make sure the battery stays in the sweet spot @ 13.5 volts, make sure your laptop has sufficient power, I always plug in, make sure cables to veh and laptop are safe from accidental disconnect, Good luck!

Customer D:

If you try to VCM2 genuine or clone to make reprogaming well you need IDS V98.01 or higher.
It would be good to check if during initiation programming interface output 18,5V on pin 13 in OBD connector.

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