How to install Consult 3 software for Nissan on Win XP

We received a customer feedback “I failed to install Nissan Consult Software. My computer cannot identify the Consult 3 device, a message “unknown device” always appeared. How to install the drive? I also tried to install on Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it also prompted “Program cannot be installed on the current operating system”. So this article will share the right installation guides with you.

Please kindly notice: the Nissan Consult 3 software only can be installed on Windows XP. Please follow the step-by-step guide to install.

Step 1: Install Consult-iii_V9.

Step 2: Install Nissan Consult iii

Step 3: Run Nissan Consult iii

In detail…

Step 1: Install Consult-iii_V9.

Select “Consult-iii_V9.”file

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-1 (2)

Click on “Next”-> “Next”-> “Install”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-2 (2)

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-4 (2)

Installing Nissan Consult iii (AVTOTOOLS)…

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-6 (2)

Finishing installation

Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click on “Next”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-7 (2)

Tick off the option “NORTHAMERICA MARKET (NAM)”

Then “Next”… “Next”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-8 (2)

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-9 (2)

Select your country

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-10 (2)

Select the application language

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-11 (2)

Confirm your information and click “Next” to begin copying files

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-12 (2)

Installing the Consult-iii…

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-14 (2)

Finish installation

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-15 (2)

Setup the Nissan Consult III is completed, click “Finish” to exit

Step 2: Install Nissan Consult iii

Now start to install the Consult iii device…

Tick off “Yes, this time only” and click “Next” to continue

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-16 (2)

Select the recommended option to install and click “Next”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-17 (2)

Select the first “JCI-1B-Alliance Vehicle Interface” and click “Next”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-18 (2)

Finish installing the software

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-19 (2)

Step 3: Run Nissan Consult iii

Go to desktop to open the “CONSULT III” software

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-20 (2)

It will prompt “There are no registered VI/MI. Please contact your administrator”

Click “OK”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-21 (2)

Click on “SUB” Icon

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-22 (2)

Click on “Administrator” icon

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-23 (2)

Enter the password and click “OK”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-24 (2)

Click on “VIMI Registration”

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-25 (2)

Input the VI serial number and click “Set”

The VI serial number will show in the VI list

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-27 (2)

Select the VI list and click “Connect”

Checking the firmware version…

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-29 (2)

Select vehicle name and model year

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-30 (2)

Confirm the vehicle information

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-31 (2)

Renew the system…

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-32 (2)

Then you can use Consult iii to diagnose Nissan cars

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-33 (2)

nissan-consult-3-installation-win-xp-34 (2)
That’s all.

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