How to Instal 2022 PCMTuner V1.21 Software

Where to download PCMtuner V1.21 Software? How to install? Go ahead to read this post.

1.PCMTuner V1.21 Software Download
PCMTuner ECU programmer comes with CD of V1.21 software, just send it to your computer and install.
You also can download the software from our link or the official website.

21 PCMTuner software free download link:

Password: irbk5u
Size: 508.28MB
Note: it has been tested 100% working by engineer.

Download from the PCMTuner official website

Click ‘Download’ at the top of the website
When it pops up Download Software window, enter the email address, select the country and enter your telephone number.


Language: English, Russian
Operating system: Win7, Win10

Kindly notice:
*   PCMtuner is not compatible with other software (such as pcmflash, gurandant driver, scanmatick), do not use them on PCMtuner, otherwise the device will be locked (for this, we will not offer warranty)
*   Once you install all software, please don’t do any upgrade if you don’t get any information from your dealer, otherwise, your pcmtuner hardware will be locked.
*   All upgrade notices will be told by dealer
*   All new update software will be available at the official website:
Click ‘Download’

2.PCMTUNER 1.21 software installation guide:

PCMTUNER software package contains 5 items.
*   Bench add the ECU wiring diagram 2020 folder
*   Bench Wiring Diagram folder
*   zip
*   exe
*   txt

Step 1: Copy these all items from CD and paste on the desktop of your computer


Step 2: Extract
Step 3: Open PCM_Setup.exe to install pcmtuner software
Click ‘Install Application’


Tick ‘I accept the agreement’>> click ‘Next’
Select the destination location >> click ‘Next’
Select the Start menu Folder >> click ‘Next’
Select the additional tasks >> click ‘Next’
Click ‘install’
Install PCMflash on the computer successfully
Click ‘Finish’


Step 4: Install Scamatik Setup Wizard
Click ‘Next’
Tick ‘I accept the agreement’>> click ‘Next’
Select the Start menu Folder >> click ‘Next’
Select the additional tasks >> click ‘Next’
Click ‘install’
Click ‘Finish’


Step 5: Install Guardant Drivers
Open GrdDrivers.exe
Click ‘Install’ to install till the process is done


Step 6: Register a PCMTUNER software account
Run PCM Tuner software
When it prompt ‘is not a valid calue for int32’, just click ‘OK’ to continue.


Complete user registration
*   Input the full name, company name, email, phone and country
*   Then click ‘Submit’

Note: please offer your email to our customer service to help you activate the account.


Step 7: Run PCMTuner software
After activated, open PCM Tuner software again
There are two operations on the home menu:
*   ECU OPERATIONS: Select a vehicle then read, write or modify its ECU
*   MASTER OPERATIONS: View list then decrypt or encrypt slave’s maps or backup


Here just show you how to do ECU OPERATIONS.
Path: Click ECU OPERATIONS>> VEHICLE TYPE>> Car brand>> car model
You can input the type to search quickly in the search box at the top right of the page


There are three mode are supported to do ECU programming.
BENCH: This method only requires removing the ECU from the engine bay.
BOOT: This method requires disassembly and opening of the engine ECU
OBD: This method allows you to read data via the vehicle diagnostic socket.


Click ‘Bench’
Then you can see the instructions, Read and write items.

*   Instructions: It can show you the method, operation difficulty, support checksum or not, collaboration file size and backup or not.

Pull down the page, and you can see the operation steps.

*   Read and write: when click it, you will get the prompt ‘A updated version was found on the server. Would you like to download build 1.2.5 releases on 2022-02-20?”

Just click ‘No’


Then you can identify and read the ECU.


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