Bmw icom not connecting to the bmw e87 car, k+dcan does connect

Hey guys i have a question, i have BMW ICOM china clone working fine with many cars, but for some reason it wont connect to the bmw e87 car (2009 year ) ,

when i use k+dcan cable with switch on the cable puled to the right side it works only then.

I dont understand why icom dont want to connect to this car, but k+dcan cheap cable does ? . Does this means that this icom cannot connect to this type of the car ? what could be the problem here ? Thanks. I am using bmw ista 4.22 version

Just to let you know i am using this icom to connect to my bmw e63 on daily basis and it works fine , also tried on diffrent bmw e60 cars works as well, also tried on bmw f30 2014 year, works like a charm, but on this bmw e87 i can connect only if i change switch on k+dcan cable to other side .

isnt bmw icom should have dcan inside or it doesnt , or i need to activate something or change some settings, doesnt make sense that this cheap cable that cost 10 dollars can connect, and china clone that i payed 300 euros cannot connect

Replay by jculina2012:

Didnt try with inpa , but it is so strange that icom cant connect to this car that works probably on dcan interface not kcan, because this cable when you pull switch on the right side, it switches interface to the dcan. But seems like this icom dont have ability to connect to dcan car, or i am missing something. I was thinking that Icom is supposed to connect to all bmw cars .

I understand , that is possible, but why k+dcan cable connects with the switch on the right side , if something is wrong then both would not connect.


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