Autel IM608 Program Smart Fortwo 451 08-15 All keys Lost

We programmed a new remote key to a 2008 Smart Fortwo 451 with Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 because it lost all the keys. Car has the anti-theft indicator on.

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-1 (2) Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-2 (2)

Place the ignition switch. If we try to crank it, we got the message that it not programmed. This key is virgin.

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-3 (2)


2008-2015 Smart Fortwo (all keys lost, add key, EVU replacement) with Autel IM608

We go to Diagnostic instead of going to Immobilizer function.

Check vehicle information, has vehicle model and vin number here

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-4 (2)

We go to Control unit ->N10/10(SAM control)-> Control unit adaptations->Program key transponder codes
Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-5 (2)
Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-6 (2)
Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-7 (2)
Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-8 (2)

Insert key to be programmed into ignition and turn on ignition
Press F2 to start learning process

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-9 (2)

Turn off the ignition and then back on.

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-10 (2)

Press key ESC to interrupt rage teach-in process
Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-11 (2)

The key has been successfully learned.
Press Yes
Learning key in progress
Press F4 STOP
Remove the taught-in vehicle key

Insert vehicle keys to be taught in into ignition lock and turn to position ignition on
The ignition must be switched on again within 20s

Autel-IM608-Program-Smart-Fortwo-451-08-15-All-keys-Lost-12 (2)

Key has programmed. Now you can start the engine with the new key.

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