Program New Mahindra Key with Launch X431 V+

Launch X431 V+ (V Pro) supports Indian vehicle diagnosis and special functions (i.e immobilizer key programming). Here’s a test report on  Mahindra Key programming by x431 v+.

Open Application
Select region Asian->Mahindra->Mahindra v12.81

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-1 (2)
launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-2 (2)
coverage: 2002-2017 Mahindra Engine, ABS, and BCM
Connecting Bluetooth
Select Immobilizer->New Mahindra->Special Function

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-3 (2)

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-4 (2)

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-5 (2)
Turn on ignition switch
Select Key Programming->One old key

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-6 (2)

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-8 (2)
Press OK to continue
Key programming in process
Clear the DTC of engine ECU and Immobilizer ECU

launch-x431-mahindra-key-program-7 (2)
Switch off ignition for 2 minutes.
Key programming completed.

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