Autel IM508 Program 2018 Dodge RAM 3500 Key Fob via 12+8 Bypass Cable

Chrysler vehicles 2018- now require the 12+8 cable to clear DTCs and to add keys.  Here we successfully added a new key fob with Autel IM508 XP400 and autel 12+8 cable for Dodge RAM 3500 year 2018 with secure gateway module (SGM). Program key in auto mode.
4 buttons remote key fob

Dodge Ram 1500 2018 Key Fob

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-1 (2)

2018 Dodge RAM3500 SGM location:
Need to remove the stereo in order to get to the secure gateway module.  Remove everything and you will see.

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-2 (2)
Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-3 (2)

Go to Dodge 3500 key programming menu, IM508 asks to hook up a Chrysler FCA 12+8 adapter

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-4 (2)
Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-5 (2)

We’ve got that connected right there behind the stereo

Turn the ignition off and turn on the emergency flashers

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-6 (2)

Read security password
Select Keyless System (CAN) – Key Learning – Key Learning

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-7 (2)

Turn the ignition off and turn on the emergency flashers

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-8 (2)

Put smart be to be learned in vehicle and take other keys out of the vehicle
Auto fill-in 4-digit pin to access

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-9 (2)
Press LOCK or UNLOCK button on the remote control

Autel-Im608-2018-Dodge-Ram-3500-Key-Fob-10 (2)

Key learning successful
Put everything back
And test remote control and new key.


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