OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Programs VW Passat 2009 Blade Key Perfectly

Confirmed! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS can program VW Passat 2009 blade key perfectly.

Here is the procedure:
1.Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus to the car.
2.Click “Diag Program”>>“IMMOBILISER”>>“VW SKODA AUDI SEAT”>>“VW/ AUDI/SKODA/ SEAT V34.48”.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-1 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-2 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-3 (2)

3.Choose “VW”>>“2-3.5 Generation Immobiliser”>>“Select From Type”.

4.Choose “Read PinCode”>>“17 Dashboard”>>“2-3 Generation”.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-4 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-5 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-6 (2)

5.Switch ignition off>>Switch ignition on, then we can read out the password is “02307”.
6.Return to “25 Immobiliser”>>“ESC”>>Switch ignition off>>“Enter”>>Switch ignition on>>“Enter”.
7.If there is a key to start the vehicle, please insert it into the ignition and turn to ON position first, then click “Enter”.
8.Choose “Control Unit Info”>> “Enter”.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Programs-VW-Passat-2009-Blade-Key-Perfectly-7 (2)

9.Enter the password.
10.When login is successful, enter the key number to match.
11.Each key is in the [ON][OFF]position for at least 2 seconds, matching is done.
Note: if the remote can remotely control the vehicle but cannot start the vehicle, the instrument prompts IMMOBIL ACTIVATED, then re-insert the key without turning on the ignition, wait for a few minutes and try to start.

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