Will Digimaster 3 correct odometer for 2010 Lincoln MKZ

Confirmed that Digimaster III can correct odometer for a 2010 Lincoln MKZ.


Select “Meter system”, then “Americas”.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-01 (2)

Select “Lincoln”.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-02 (2)

Select “MKT”.
digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-03 (2)

Select “93C86”.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-04 (2)

Remove the 93C86 chip from the dashboard, then weld it on the OBP adapter, connect the OBP adapter to the D3 main unit, read the original mileage value, write a new value.

Please follow the next steps to weld the IC.

This is OBP adapter.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-05 (2)

Remove the chip off the dashboard.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-06 (2)

Remove the excess tin on the IC.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-07 (2)

Weld the chip on the OBP adapter packed in the Digimaster 3.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-08 (2)

Solder the chip off the adapter.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-09 (2)

Solder the chip back onto the adapter.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-10 (2)

Use banana oil to clean the chip that was solder back onto the adapter.

digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-11 (2)
digimaster-3-2010-lincoln-mkz-odometer-correction-12 (2)


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