Actia ICOM P BMW ICOM P Wifi Setting Guide

ICOM P is Actia ICOM P with wifi function replace BMW ICOM A2ICOM Next A for BMW Diagnostic tool

ICOM P works with Rheingold BMW diagnostic software support BMW cars till 2018.

Some client order ICOM P for BMW diagnostic, but do not know how to set the wifi connection, below we share the ICOM P wifi configuration guide. hope it’s helpful.

How does Actia BMW ICOM P connect to WIFI:

1.Connect the device to the power supply and connect to the computer. Open the device manager
2.Check the IP+
Ip must be:
If the IP is wrong: for example: or other
Please restart the device

Kindly Note: The BMW Diagnostic Tool cannot be interrupted during the connection to the WIFI

Check the URL to set the WIFI When you connect to ICOM P:

Step 1: Skip the Device Information


Step 2: Device    Configuration
1.Device Name: ICOMP
2.Mode: ISPI—Next Save


Step 3: LAN Settings
1.Discover Mode:DHCP


Step 4: WLAN    Settings
1.Country: CHINA—CN
2.SSID: Enter the WIFI account you want to connect to
3.Pre—sharde key: Enter the WIFI password


Step 5: Start self—test

Step 6: Self-test Result
All OK, OBD2 Scanner ICOM P Wifi Connction was done


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