ISTA operating modes

HO workshop mode
In the HO workshop mode, the terminal devices can be operated both “online” (default) as well as “offline”.

In this operating mode, the client and the workshop server are located in an HO workshop and are connected via the local workshop network (LAN, WLAN). An online connection to BMW AG is established. ISTA software can be operated on a mobile ISID and/or a stationary workshop PC. The online link not only supports the prompt update of BMW Diagnostic Software ISTA data and software, but also provides access to data from other systems at BMW headquarters. Data access usually occurs in the background when certain functions are accessed.

In the “TeleServices” operating mode, communication with the vehicle is performed via the mobile phone network (GSM). The vehicle transmits a service call to the central TeleServices switchboard (TSSB) either automatically triggered by Condition Based Service (CBS) scopes or manually by the driver. In the process additional fault memory data and control device information is transmitted in the form of a file. This data is transmitted to the home dealer of the customer via the TSSB and can be read out there with BMW ICOM A2.

This option is only available if the application for ISPA service advice and order control has been installed on ISPA. ISTA is then called up in the “TeleServices“ operating mode by the service advisor from the ISPA Client. The first mask that is displayed in ISTA after it is called up in this mode is the fault memory list of the identified vehicle. Only limited ISTA functions are available in the “TeleServices” operating mode. No direct link is established with the vehicle at any time.

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