What Scania VCI3 Interface Light Lamps Indicate

Scania VCI3 has a series of lights that indicate status, just like its predecessor, the VCI2. New for Scania VCI-3 is a blue lamp for information about wireless communication (WLAN). It is important that you understand the meaning of each lamp during Scania VCI operation. Here Cnautotool.com shows details on the meaning of the VCI 3 lamps.


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The following is a description of the various lamps in the VC13 unit.

When the lamp is on, this indicates that there is activity on the CAN bus.

The lamp flashes rapidly when general information is sent between the computer and VCI3.

Error (red)

The lamp is on when there is a communication error in VC13,for example in the firmware or hardware.

WLAN (blue)
The lamp is on or flashes when VCI3 is connected to a local network via wireless connection in one of the following ways:

The lamp flashes slowly and steadily when the VC13 is connected to a computer over a wireless network with good signal strength. The lamp lights up continuously when the VCI3 has no contact with the computer but is connected to a wireless network.

Power (green)
The lamp is constantly on when VCI3 is supplied with power.

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