DOIP SD C4 PLUS vs vxdiag Benz C6 vs sdconnect c5 vs BENZ ECOM

All of the above Mercedes Benz diagnostic and programming tools are compatible with the DOIP protocol, DOIP SD C4 PLUS (SP100-E) is highly advised because it works with Mercedes 1989 -2019 (DAS & Xentry are also supported), engineering software i.e DTS Monaco & Vediamo are supported smoothly. What is the pros of other diagnostic tools (Benz C6, mb star c5, ECOM)? What the application scenarios for DolP? Go on reading.


DOIP SD C4 PLUS vs vxdiag Benz C6 vs sdconnect c5 vs BENZ ECOM

Product name DOIP SD C4 PLUS Vxdiag Benz C6 sdconnect c5 BENZ ECOM
Manufacture 1:1 clone of the original Allscanner Vxdiag
Mercedes Benz DOIP compatibility Yes Yes, with hard disk & dongle Yes Yes
DTS Monaco & Vediamo Confirmed working, compatible with the official software. Only support DTS Monaco, not Vediamo. Unknown, need lucky. Unknown, need lucky.
Diagnosis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works with the old Mercedes Yes, cover the Benz from 1989 to 2019. sdconnect c4 plus= sdconnect c4 + DOIP Cover the Benz after 2000 year. Cover the Benz after 2000 year. Support xentry,not Das, cover the Benz after 2011 year.
Price € 394 € 499 € 963 € 1,093

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