BMW Lane Change Assist Coding with E-sys

For those who have been waiting, after a year of trying to figure it out, it finally works!!

It seems that in addition to the codes originally found by simpaty, BMW is using additional codes to block certain features from working in certain countries, based on where you are located. By changing this coding, you can enable the Lane Change Assistant to work regardless of your location.

The 3 codes to be changed are:
Spurwechselassistent – Change this to Aktiv

SAS Module:
C_SWA_Vorhanden – Change this to True
C_SWA_Land_Aktiv – You will have to edit the Werte values to “FF, FF, FF, FF” This is the item that blocks it from working in certain regions.

This worked on my 2020 530e, but the coding was the same when I was trying to get it to work on my 2019 X3, however at the time I was unaware of the C_SWA_Land_Aktiv change that needed to be made. This should work regardless of if you have iDrive6 or iDrive7, and of course this is applicable to cars with Driving Assistant Plus, as the Pro is not yet available on the BMW ICOM.

The ISA, or intelligent speed assist, isn’t blocked by region, just a few codes to change. I had enabled it on my X3 when I was coding the car to Euro spec to try to get the glare free high beams and the lane change assist to work. I will look over my old backup codes and see if I can remember what specific items changed for that to work. It didn’t automatically change though, it would alert me if the speed limit outside changed, and then I could press the rocker switch on the steering wheel and it would adjust.

You have to have the Steering and Lane Control assist on, and it has to be detecting the lane lines, as well as a physical barrier between you and oncoming traffic, so either a median or a barricade. It also only works at certain speeds, I believe over 40mph.

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