How To Update Xtool X100 Pro2, X300P & TP200 Etc

XTOOL X100 Pro2 key programmerX300P reset tool and TP200 tire pressure diagnostic device, made by Xtool, are all upgradeable via web-based download. Now will show you how to upgrade them online step by step.

1. Visit
2. Select “Service & Support”, where you’ll see a list of upgrade tools for different Xtool units, including X100 Pro2, X300P, TP200, X100 Pro etc. Choose what you like to upgrade and download the file.
how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-01 (2)
3. Extract the installation package into an upgrade tool, then double click on the TP200Installer exe. (applied to X100 Pro, X300P and TP200) to install the software.
how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-02 (2)

how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-03 (2)

4. Connect X100 Pro2, X300P or TP200 to Windows computer with Type-C cable (If the USB device cannot be recognized, use this method: First insert the Type-C connector halfway to make the screen light up. Then insert all of the Type-C connector to identify the USB device).

5. Open the upgrade tool, input the product SN and password, then click on login (certificate of conformity with S/N and password. Note: the serial number begins with three letters: pro).

how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-04 (2)
how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-05 (2)

6. Select the language you like and now ready to upgrade!
how-to-upgrade-xtool-x100pro2-x300ptp200-etc.-06 (2)

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