Some questions about UCDS

I’ve just got the new Ford UCDS adapter and run it on my Mk4 2009 Mondeo TDCi.It’s come back with some modules due for updates, but it doesn’t seem to be able to download the files – can anyone point me where i could manually download from? Secondly, does anyone know what risk is involved updating the BCM and PCM modules? Does it lose the PATS programming running updates or is it just calibration updates?

ok well i’ve updated the BCM with success – but it seems apart from the BCM all other module updates error – regardless of what version i try to download….I’ve got a VCX Nano (I know) – is there a way i can check modules version levels on IDS 101.4 with it – and even better download the files for programming in UCDS from OBD2TOOL?

Easy with ucds. He can kill your module. Update you can try via ids, then check log. Second option- check program files – ford…. – calibration….. There should be few new files after update. You have to find new files, then…. Ucds Smile Sbl is always small file…Dont touch if everything is working

I was wary of trying anything with VX Nano as they don’t have a good reputation! I did look in the calibration folder(v81 installed) but nothing in there Sad.I want to update UCDS Ford and PCM on mondeo as i’m hoping the PCM update will fix problems with sluggish running, ACM to fix the annoying speech recognition Big Grin.I want to update the FDIM and ACM on the Fiesta as have finally sorted the DAB upgrade and its running an older version (hoping it fixes the Siri problem!)

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