Mercedes-Benz Oil Reset by MB Star Tools & Xentry Diagnostic Software

Model: Mercedes-Benz CLA 118

Purpose: Oil Reset

What we need: MB Xentry software and SDconnect C4.

Oil Reset procedure:

Step 1. Scan

First, we select vehicle type.

Click on

Mercedes-Benz>>Passenger car>>A/B>>CLA(118)

Click on “XENTRY Diagnosis”.

Here we tick “Automatically start quick test”.

Also, when it’s connecting to the vehicle, voltage is 11.8V and ignition is on.


Then it auto scans all control units.

48 error codes we have.


Double-click it and use filter to show out controls with errors.


Step 2.Reset

We want “Instrument cluster (IC)”, so enlarge it.

Click on

Actuation>>Maintenance>>Reset general maintenance

Here we’ve got Service code, Workshop code, remaining days and distance to next maintenance.


So, click on the wrench icon “Reset general maintenance”.

See, codes change and maintenance time and days reset.


Step 3.Verify

Select “Confirmation of general maintenance”.

Click on the wrench icon “Confirmation of general maintenance” to verify.


Also, we can go to “Actual values”>>” Next service” to check again.

Then back to scan menu to “clear fault memory”.

After it’s complete, do a quick test again to verify.

Done! Nice and simple, even a DIYer can do it.

If you’re interested in the above things, you can check:

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