Xentry Passthru Download, Comparison, Adapter List and Review

What is Xentry Passthru:

XENTRY Pass Thru EU is Mercedes-Benz vehicle diagnosis solution for independent workshops. The software runs on any workshop PC and commercially available Pass Thru equipment.

Xentry Passthru is different from regular Xentry openshell. mercedes star diagnostic Xentry passthru does not use SDconnect toolkit. When you launch the program it will give you a dropdown where you can choose which J2534 device. If you are keen to do proper Xentry grade health scanning, but not coding say for START STOP be gone, but can do lots of TEST, go and get Xentry PassThru.

The right to repair in Europe and USA has made car manufacturers to abide by certain rules, where an Indy shop can access ( for an hourly fee ) manufacturers servers to do certain ( not all ) repairs where the data will come from manufacturers server.
So those Indy workshop or petrol head can use certified J2534 interface box for many brands of cars , not only MB.

It is for any owner attempting DIY to not have this level of diagnostic capability.

Xentry Openshell XDOS vs. Passthru:
Xentry passthru does not support these vehicles in DAS:
– Bharat Benz
– Foton
– Fuso
– Unimog
– PKW using HHT

Xentry openshell version (XDOS) works with official kit/hardware (SDConnect (C4) or clone MB SD C4/C5/vxdiag etc

Stick with the C4 or if you want to spend a little more and do DOIP (command radio programming models 2016 and up ), the C4 Plus

Xentry Passthru Version Download:
Official Download Link
Xentry Passthru 2021.3
Xentry Passthru 2020.3

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