X431 PRO & PRO3 diagnostic software clear

The below procedure will clear all old versions of manufacturer software, which may be causing the X431 device to have low storage memory.

Locate “FILE MANAGER” which looks like a basket of folder/discs etc

Then go to the following files in order:



3.98269******* (YOUR Serial Number)


5.Next locate the “Vehicles” folder but this time “Press and hold” the folder

6.This will bring up a sub menu, now select “Delete” (Could be just a Dustbin icon)

7.Confirm this action then return to the desktop

8.Run the Launch software as normal

9.Go to the top left of the screen and press the 3 horizontal bars

10.Find “Update” and download the vehicles as normal, (you can de-select any manufacturers that you do not require from the list by unselecting them)
After the updates are completed you can go back in to “Diagnostics” and use the device as normal.

Locate “ES FILE EXPLORER” which looks like a blue folder with “ES” on it.


Then go to the following files in order:

1.When holding tablet in portrait mode, tap your finger on the three white lines next to the home button top left to open the menu.

2.Go to Local then Internal storage

3.Look for a blue folder called “CNLAUNCH” and open it

4.Look for a blue folder called “X431 PRO” or “X431 PRO3” and open it

5.Open a blue folder that displays your serial number “987XXX”

6.Open “Diagnostic” then press and hold your finger on the “Vehicles” folder until a green tick appears and it is selected.

7.Along the bottom of the screen you will see options, tap your finger on delete and this will delete all old versions of vehicle software.

8.Once finished open and run Launch X431 app as normal and perform manufacturer updates as required.

If you want to know more information about launch x431 scanner, please click how to use launch x431.

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