2012 Ford Mondeo Steering Angle Sensor Calibration by X-431 PRO

X-431 PRO Test: 2012 Ford Mondeo Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Instructions

Tested Model: Ford Mondeo, 2012, VIN=WFOGXXGBBGCB*****


1.  This  function  is used  to configure  the steering angle sensor and calibrate  the steering wheel position. Perform this function when corresponding sensors are replaced or the steering wheel position is not accurate.

2.  Keep the vehicle on a flat surface, and the steering wheel is set at straight ahead position.

Operation Procedure:

1.  Select Ford version above V45.20.

2.  Select automatic search.


3.  Select Fuel Type=Gasoline.


4. Select “System Selection”


5.  Select ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)/ESP (Electronic Stability Program) exhaust.


6.  Check vehicle status and ensure that the vehicle is in required status: Vehicle on a flat surface, and the steering wheel is set at straight ahead position.


7.  Select Special Function


8.  Place the key to ON position in order to turn the steering wheel. Because of the great force of  friction  between  tires  and  the  ground,  in  order  to  turn  the  steering wheel more  easily,  it  is  advised to start the engine at this moment


9.  Turn  the  steering wheel  to  the  left and  right  respectively about 10 degree,  then back  to  the straight ahead position.


10.  After clicking OK, it counts down from 4 seconds configuring the module.


11.  It prompts the procedure succeeded once the ECU configuration completed.

12.  After  this procedure  succeeded,  some  vehicles may produce  fault  code due  to  this  function execution, thus it is required to do self-test and clear the DTC, but most of the vehicles will not set fault codes.


13.  After confirmation, it prompts to turn the ignition key to OFF to end the test.


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