OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus All Key Lost Programming for Ford Escort 2018

This article show a guide on how to use OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus to program new keys for Ford Escort 2018 all keys lost.

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-1 (2)

Here is OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus Do 2018 Ford Escort All Keys Lost Video Guide:

Procedure With Pictures and Texts:

Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus to Ford Escort by OBD port

Enter main menu–>Diag Program–>Immobiliser–>Ford Lincoln

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-2 (2)

Select “FORD/LINCOLN V32.23” then click “Enter” to continue

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-3 (2)

Select “FORD”

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-4 (2)

Select “Immobiliser”

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-5 (2)


OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-6 (2)

Select year after 2017 “2017-”

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-7 (2)

Select “Erase Keys”
OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-8 (2)


All keys will be erased

Min keys are required:2

Press Enter to continue

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-9 (2)

Turn the ignition to ON position,then click “Enter” to continue

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-10 (2)

You need to wait a minute for system reading data…

When the system configuration completing,it will prompt to follow below operations:

1.Switch ignition off

2.Switch ignition on with key 1 for 3 seconds,then switch off and remove the key

3.Swtich ignition on with key 2 for 3 seconds,then switch off and remove the key

4.If you want to add more keys,please repeat procedure 3,complete

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-11 (2)

Press “Enter” to continue

Test programmed keys on the vehicle

OBDSTAR-Key-Master-DP-Plus-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-Escort-2018-12 (2)


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