Which OBD key programmer do you prefer

Big thanks to Moe and other users’ respective comment on their favorite OBD key Programmers.


2 – Autel IM608

3 – Xtool Auto pro pad

I collect and organize their choice, feedback and reason for purchase.

Vote obdstar:

Obdstar is very good a good price… and works very well. really is very good for the price.

I have xpad 2 and compared to obdstar DP Plus…. OBDSTAR is superior… works very well Fiat Renault BMW and other brands that are not easy to work with another team.

Also much better than Autel IM608.

I use X300DP and am very happy with it.Most Asian cars, and key programming on newer cars (except VAG BMW MB) are done with this one for me.

One my first tool was the Xtool pro pad. it’s an ok tool but I am not impressed, I looked at the obdstar and looks very similar to the pro pad, thus I am assuming would be a little bit different but not by much. My good friend of mine has the OBDSTAR. I have programmed like two keys and have not use the tool that much to say if it’s a good or not.

I think OBDSTAR after experience has many advantage than Xtool pro pad and Autel im608 especially for Japanese car and Europe car , it worth to test.

    The method to precode chips with Obdstar:

You need P001 programmer for obdstar to precode keys .

If you are in Europe, don’t you think that obdstar support much car like Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Fiat,… seems much better than im608 (regardless Benz).

Obdstar is definitely the first choice based on price and coverage. I have them all, auro seem to promise the world but don’t deliver quick enough so far behind on European market. Xtool is good and a decent complimentary tool. I spent so much time in shenzhen with each of the manufacturers and have been offered distribution on all 3 but obdstar is the tool of choice!

BTW we have a new tool coming out for EU market exclusively for obdstar at a price of around 500 gbp to give you a tester of what obdstar can do! That is obstar X300 Pro4.

Definitely OBDSTAR x300 and then when you can get a smartpro, I still favor the x300 for speed and weight over my smartpro for some makes.

If you asked me ” what ur x300 better than im608 or pro pad ?”, my answer is: It depends on the make of the car, that’s like ask what is your favorite wrench, of course it’s 10mm but you can’t do everything with just that one.

Vote Xtool AutoProPad:

Its software is designed specifically for the US market.

Vote XTOOL, OBDSTAR, Lonsdor:

I got the Xtool Pro Pad it works well on cars like newer GMs and Hyundai and Chrysler most Fords. OBDSTAR x300 strictly for Honda Toyota keys and Nissan. And lastly the t300 For older fords with the 4c keys. I’m thinking of getting the us version of Lonsdor K518.

Vote VVDI MB and Simon touch:

Around were I am the cars are mostly German, not touched a fiat for at least 5 years. Vauxhall can be programmed with autel or op com. I use mb vvdi and Simon touch for Mercedes.

What about Autel IM608?

Autel im608 bc it has good room to grow and stay current ….. it’s taking over


From what I have read, more users favor obdstar for its price, coverage and quick response. For IM608, it has room to grow. So it depends on our request.

It’s a good idea that to make a tool combination of obdstarkeymaster, lonsdor, xpad2, vvdi 2,vvdi prog, vvdi mb. hahaha.

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