Lonsdor K518ISE program new Renault keys (All keys lost)

Renault key programming manual (using Lonsdor K518ISE)

Purpose: Program new keys to Renault cars (when all keys are lost)

You need:

tools to disassemble the anti-theft/immo box

VVDI-Prog to read EEPROM data

Lonsdor K518ISE to program keys


1.you can directly program a new key to pre-2010 Koleos;

For post-2011 Renault models, you need disassemble the anti-theft box to first read the backup EEPROM data, then program keys (when all keys are lost)

2.Anti-theft system 2″: generally only for Koleos.

if it fails, go to anti-theft system 1″for cars before the 2010 year (password advice:first select Group 4)

3.Anti-theft system 1″: for other Renault models

Incorrect password:

If the password is wrong, please turn on the ignition and wait for 1 minute or so to try another group of password again. The error message is ?login failed” or ?system does not support login operation”.

4 Megane password advice:first select Group 2;

5 Load.bin file into Car Diagnostic Tools Lonsdor K518ISE:

use the USB cable to connect the K518ISEand the computer, find out and open internal memory of the K518ISE device , put the.bin file in the the folder ?customfile” .

NOTE: .the bin file suffix ?bin” must be lowercase;

the file directly into the folder (DO NOT create a new folder)

How to do:

Part 1: match the smart card

1 press the start button, open the driver door;

2 the system tries to get the password

if the model can be read out, please select the password. If the vehicle password cannot be recognized, please read EEPROMdata and put it into Lonsdor K518ISE. Then do as follows:

① with the USB cable to connect Lonsdor K518ISE programmer to the computer, the computer will display K518 host internal storage;

② copy the .bin (lowercase) file of CPU data to the Lonsdor K518ISEhost’s customfile directory;

③ return to the smart card match operation, select the import file for secret read.

3 insert the smart key need to match . the first key match is completed; please follow the pop-up to continue to match another keys;

4 remove the smart key if you do not continue to match keys

Renault key programming is complete.

In detail… look here:

Lonsdor K518 Program on Autonumen.com Renault Koleos 2011 Smart Key


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