How to Install Cummins INLINE 6 Software Driver

Cummins INLINE 6 Noice :
1.The 7.62 Software only can fit Win 7 Operating System,can not fit Win XP!!!
2. Please don’t change the time of your laptop easily.


Software installation link :

Steps how to install the driver :
1.Insert the INLINE 6 driver CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
2.Run INLINE6_Driver_Setup.exe
3.If a Windows Explorer folder opens, select INLINE6_Driver_Setup.exe

Note that on some systems the autorun settings may be set to have the installation
to just begin executing upon CD insertion.


WINDOWS XP – A message appear stating “The software you are installing has

not passed Windows Logo…” Click on”Continue Anyway”. Click on”Finish” when

installation is complete.

Cummins Inline 6 re-flash:

1.Download the appropriate INLINE 6 zip file by clicking on a link above (note that unless you have a 64-bit Operating System, you should use the 32-bit file).

2.Unzip and extract the executable file using zip/unzip software.

3.Click on the Windows Start menu and click Run.

4.Click on the Browse button and locate the file you have downloaded.

5.Click the OK button to install the latest INLINE 6 Driver, re-flash utility, and firmware on your PC.

3.Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

7.Connect +8 V to +50 V power to your INLINE 6 adapter through the DB25 cable you have.

8.Use your DB9F to DB9M serial cable or USB cable to connect the INLINE 6 adapter to the proper PC communication port.

Follow the Driver Installation and other instructions

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