Honda Civic Type R FK8 Brake Service Reset Tool Advice

Honda Civic Type R FK8 Brake Service Reset Tool Advice: Autel AP200 code reader, Foxwell NT510 Elite, X431 V+, Autel MD806 Pro etc.

1. Autel AP200: confirmed


Review 1. I bought the original AP200 when it was first released just to check it out. It’s okay for the price and I just leave it in our Porsche because the original AP200 only gives 1 car brand free but it will read all systems. The AP200C can only access ABS and SRS.

Review 2. I just got my Autel ap200 today and was successful in putting the car into rear brake maintenance mode. You can physically hear the piston retracting. Once you’re done with the brake job, you put it back to normal mode and turn the car off and on. Make sure you’re on level ground and the e brake is off, and your foot off the brake.

Look at Autel AP200 Honda Civic Brake Service function:


Screenshot image source: (official site)

2. Foxwell NT510 Elite: confirmed

Review 1.

I use Foxwell NT510 Elite for my Honda Civic Type-R, it has a lifetime subscription and scans everything I need.

It can work with Honda & Acura’s, you can purchase a license for another manufacturer.

Review 2.

recently when replacing some rear race pads that were hardly worn with the more worn street pads. The Foxwell tool worked like a charm and I actually kept the ignition on for the duration. Changing pads like this is virtually as easy if not easier than doing the fronts. Only issue is that the passenger side upper bolt has to be removed with a 7mm Allen key. On the left side, all I have to do is loosen it and then flip the key so that it can be spun easily but on the right side, I run out of room. A slightly shorter key would work but all in all it is only about 4 turns that need to be done 180 degrees at a time.

As for the part about getting the hydraulic slack taken up, yes, I stepped on the brake pedal after installing the new thinner pads to get the pads back in close proximity to the rotors before getting out of the EPB maintenance mode. Worked great.


Look at Foxwell NT510 Elite Honda Civic Brake Service function:

Screenshot image source: (official site).

3. X431 V+: Confirmed


If you want to future proof yourself and have the budget, look into the Launch x431 series. I keep a x431 V+ in my home garage. x431 V+ can reset brake service for Honda Civic Type R FK8.

4. Autel MD806 Pro: Confirmed


I was able to retract my brakes with an Autel MD806 Pro.

Once the brakes are retracted (you can hear the motor) you can shutoff the car and work on the brakes. The e-brake motors do not buzz, meaning they are staying in the retracted position.

When everything is assembled, switch to key on engine off then back to the scanner to get out of service mode. The e-brake motors will buzz back to the normal position.

The ABS and other warning lights will shut off.

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