Launch X431 PAD V PAD5 Full System

A diagnostic tool and software has all years. Launch X431 PAD V auto scan tool new-added topology module mapping, it is easy to view the communication structure between modules. You can directly access all system to perform functions and view live data in graph. Launch X-431 PAD V is Launch’s latest top-end car comprehensive diagnostic scan tool supporting programming and coding. It inherits Launch’s many advantages in car fault diagnostic technologies, including large car model coverage, powerful functions, a large number of special functions, and accurate test data. you can perform high level diagnosis and pro-gramming for more accurate diagnosis and efficient car repair jobs to win more business.

Launch X431 PAD V 5 SmartBox:


Why need to Choose it ?
1. Launch X431 PAD v is with Smartbox V3.0 diagnose connector, it supports All diagnostic protocols: J2534 protocol + D-PDU protocol + RP1210 protocol + CANFD+DOIP protocol
X431 PAD V Support PEV ( pure electric vehicle ), other launch x431 device supports Hybrid cars , but do not support PEV
3. Online programming( more safety during programming, even though you failed during programming , x431 pad v can allow you program again, will not break the ECU )
4. Faster Speed , Best Hardware , supports works under the sun
5. X431 PAD V is with 10.1 inch IPD Touch Screen ,it can work under the sun( you can se the screen clear under the sun ), launch x431 other products can not work under the sun
6. X431 PAD V is with Type C connector .
7. ADAS Calibration Function +TPMS Diagnostic Function
8.With topological diagram Function
9.Guided Functions for VW and for Audi Brands
10.OBD2 Procotol 16pin connector pin detection Function ( Only X431 PAD V has the function )
Intelligent Diagnose
Remote Diagnosis: Device-To-Device & Device-To-PC).
13. Global version , No IP limited , 1 year free update
14. Diagnostic history and diagnostic feedback
15. Extended Modules (need buy them on mall )

What’s the Advantages of X-431 Pad V?

It has a charging base, front /rear camera, NON-OBD connectors and a large 10.1-inch touch screen. Its battery is Lithium to work for more than 8 hours intensively, and includes a 180 adjustable handle on the back with 3 positions to hang, use as a steering wheel support and transport standard. The PADV is manufactured with degree of protection IP65 , which protects it from splashes, bumps and dust.

PAD V is capable of diagnosing passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles (12 and 24 V) and is compatible with DOIP communication protocols , new CAN networks FD and J2534 and ISO22900 (Pass Thru) , with the latter you can connect to the manufacturer’s website and make programming among many other functions. It also includes the SW for vehicles with Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) and is compatible with the static calibration accessory X-431 ADAS Pro .

You can attach different optional accessories such as a 4-channel oscilloscope, battery tester, endoscope and sensor simulator. Its Internet connectivity is total to offer an infinite number of services, such as the sending of technical bulletins, tele-diagnosis, online technical information (Data LAUNCH), automatic updates and the possibility of communicating with other LAUNCH equipment for the help between workshops (cooperation remote). Compatible with golo telematic devices.

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