How to check Porsche VCI STATUS LEDS

How to check Porsche VCI STATUS LEDS


The PT3G-VCI has 4 LEDs each on the top and bottom of the diagnostic interface, each this 4 LED has a different color. These 4 LEDs signal relevant information about the status of the PT3G-VCI.

The LEDs of the PT3G-VCI also show the following special animations:

In rescue mode, all 4 LEDs flash simultaneously.In the case of a software update

1. Power LED, green
LED on: power is on;
LED flashing 1HZ: communication error
2. CONN LED ,blue, communication
LED light on: communication has been established;
LED light flashes 1HZ: communication has been connected
LED light flashes: data is being transmitted

3. Mode LED ,orange WLAN
LED on: WLAN infrastructure mode
LED flashing: WLAN module error
LED off: WLAN direct connection mode (access point mode)

4. info LED , red DOIP activation
LED on: DoIP and PT3G-VCI are enabled, and the vehicle diagnostic box or base station is connected;
LED flashing: DoIP is enabled, PT3G-VCI only connects to the diagnostic equipment through the USB module, not to the vehicle diagnostic box or base station;
LED off: DOIP is not activated.

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