Autel AP200 Reset Throttle on 2008 Dodge KA Nitro

Used Autel AP200 obd2 scanner to reset throttle position on a 2008 Dodge KA Nitro since the GAS pedal is electronic, it worked pretty fine!

Here is the detailed operation guide.

Plug the AP200 obd2 scanner into the car, and connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth

Select Service-> Throttle -> DODGE


Connect VCI automatically


Tap Manual selection


Select 2008-> KA Nitro-> Hot Function-> Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) (PCM)-> OK


It’ll start actually moving the gas pedal, just follow the prompts to operate:

Press and hold down the accelerator pedal to the floor, the throttle must be held to the floor.
Hold down the accelerator strongly to the floor
Release the accelerator pedal
Do not touch the accelerator pedal
Resetting ECU… please wait

Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) passed, and the warning light stops flashing.


I also do a test here.

Tap Electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle follower test (PCM)-> OK

Note: the engine must be stopped to carry out this test, to carry out this test, press the throttle pedal & the electronic throttle control (ETC) should follow.

It shows the voltage like right now it’s at 1%, press the gas pedal, it goes up to 77%.


That’s the whole process of using Autel AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 scanner to reset the throttle.

Have fun!

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