Star Diagnosis tool

It is time to buy a Star Diagnosis tool. Trying to diagnosis problems and solve them without randomly replacing parts is worth investment. Specifically I want to be able to diagnosis the ABC system as well as top malfunctions. Which one would work best on a 2004 R230 and would it work on my 1997 R129.

SD Connect C4 and and new SD Connect C4 plus covering +2016 command direct programming is the best way to go
You just need to know where to find the 1:1 clones with military chips
this is the only device covering 1995 to present 2020+ With the Xentry system I build many members and workshops here use
It’s like hotels, from 5 stars to one. depends of what you want, don’t dream…if you want the real thing, no problems spend a little more..
Look at what a real genuine Windows 10 licence cost by itself. of course, if you prefer running illegal bootloader windows… I DO NOT
Always better to have or have had a system to talk about it instead of “I read, I’ve seen” no need to repeat what others say, we already have parrots for that.

If you look you can locate REAL Mercedes Benz Multiplexer, used units at reasonable cost.

That is what I did, acquired a real Mercedes Benz multiplexer, a C3{yes, the older unit] for less than $400.00 delivered with the cables

Acquired the correct tablet{the unit that where sold to dealers with Mercedes Benz Branding] the Engineer’s Xentry tablet, these where Panasonic Toughpad CF-D1 Mk2, NOT the Mk1 version, a reconditioned Grade A unit, 13.8″ touchscreen, 500GB SSD, 8GB RAM and bluetooth for $460.00 delivered

And was fortunate to locate and acquire the Original factory Mercedes Benz DVD’s {still in the packaging] of Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis software{NOT a BOOTLEG copy] version 09-10-11/2014 which is the correct version for theĀ C3 multiplexer, for less than $120.00 delivered.

My vehicles are 2007 and 2008 and the system I put together will fully software service all vehicle to 2014

If you look you can locate real units, not the worthless copies.

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