2012 Peugeot 308 Oil Reset via Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool

This is a tutorial about how to perform oil reset for a 2012 Peugeot 308 via Launch X431 diagnostic tools, suitable for Launch X431 VLaunch X431 V+ and Launch X431 pro mini.

My Peugeot vehicle has a tool icon light on dashboard, so I will do an oil reset to turn it off.

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-1 (2)

Connect Launch X431 scan tool to OBD2 port of vehicle.
Go to “Reset”>> Oil Reset >> OK

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-2 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-3 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-4 (2)

Please wait its loading…

The vehicle manufacturers have came out, scroll down to the screen.

Peugeot >> OK >> Software Reset

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-5 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-6 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-7 (2)

Reading vehicle information, please wait for a moment…

Vehicle information is displaying, press “OK”.

Press “Automatic Scan”, it is communicating, please wait until 100%…

Maintenance Indicator Reset >> OK >> OK

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-8 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-9 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-10 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-11 (2)

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-12 (2)

Maintenance indicator reset done. The tool icon light has gone meanwhile.

Job has done! Peugeot 308 oil reset successfully. Don’t forget to remove the VCI from vehicle.

2012-peugeot-308-oil-reset-via-launch-x431-diagnostic-tool-13 (2)

This is how to use Launch X431 V, Launch X431 V+ or Launch X431 Pro Mini Diagnostic Scanner to do an oil reset for 2012 Peugeot 308. It is quite fast to be done in 2 minutes.

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