obdstar odomaster 2014 Mercedes E350 W212 mileage correction

Confirmed: obdstar odomaster mileage programmer is working fine with 2014 Mercedes E350 W212 via OBD.

Select “Cluster calibration” then “Benz”.

obdstar-odomaster-mercedes-e350-w212-mileage-correction-01 (2)

Select “E series”.

obdstar-odomaster-mercedes-e350-w212-mileage-correction-02 (2)

Select “W212”.

obdstar-odomaster-mercedes-e350-w212-mileage-correction-03 (2)

Select “Mileage Calibration”.

obdstar-odomaster-mercedes-e350-w212-mileage-correction-04 (2)
obdstar-odomaster-mercedes-e350-w212-mileage-correction-05 (2)

The next process will be as easy as a piece of cake, please just follow the on-screen instruction to do.

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