Launch x431 V Renault Megane DPF Regeneration Procedure

Launch X431 V is able to do Renault Megane 2013 DPF Regeneration, follow the following procedure to do.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-01 (2)

Go to “Reset” – “DPF REG.”.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-02 (2)

Tap “OK”.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-03 (2)

Select “Renault”.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-04 (2)

Switch On ignition.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-05 (2)

Select “Automatic Scan”.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-06 (2)

Megane III / Scenic III.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-07 (2)

Some useful information here for you to follow.


launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-09 (2)
launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-10 (2)


launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-11 (2)
launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-12 (2)


launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-13 (2)


It is necessary to activate the Ventilation Passenger Compartment in the Maximum speed. As well as the lamps of road.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-14 (2)

And you can see driving by itself.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-15 (2)

And live data all the time here.

We wait until it finish 100%.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-16 (2)

Particle Filter regeneration successful.

Switch off the lamps of road, and deactivate the passenger ventilation.

launch-x431-v-renault-megane-dpf-regeneration-17 (2)

All right, that’s about how you do DPF regeneration with Launch X431 V(X431 PRO)

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