Consult III Plus V75.15 Software Installation Guide

5 steps to install Nissan Consult III Plus V75.15.00 diagnostic & programming software on Windows 7.

Software version: V75.15
supports ECU programming function without working with immobiliser card.
Operating system:  Windows XP and Windows 7/8/10 operating system. Cannot work on VISTA O/S.
Multi-languages available: English, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese,Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Czech, Polish, Hungarian

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-1 (2)
Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-2 (2)

step 1: preparation
step 2: consult iii plus v75 software
step 3: consult-iii plus patch
step 4: consult iii plus driver software
step 5: consult 3 plus 75.15.00 test
in detail…

step 1: preparation

go to the removable disk
go to folder “C3+ 75” and copy rar file “tempNissan” to desktop
then extract file “tempNissan” on desktop

go to folder “C3+ 65” – “Consult III PLUS V65.12”
copy folder “C3P License” to desktop

go to folder “tempNissan” – “C2P_V75.15.00”
copy “setup.inx” on desktop and then paste it in the folder

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-3 (2)

step 2: consult iii plus v75 software

open Consult III PLUS “setup” application
installing consult iii plus components

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-4 (2)

installed security update

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-5 (2)


again, installing consult 3 plus components
first installation

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-6 (2)

accept the license agreement
select your area. here: north america
select your country
select your language

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-7 (2)

select suitable units

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-8 (2)

select a suitable unit: nissan, infiniti, datsun
select copying file
installing consult iii plus

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-9 (2)

installing components
installed nissan consult-iii plus software

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-10 (2)


step 3: consult-iii plus patch

go to folder “C3P License” on desktop
open “C3PCheckLicense” app
consult iii plus is installed normally

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-11 (2)

click on “Patch” to get nissan consult iii plus patch

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-12 (2)
Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-13 (2)

patch ok

step 4: consult iii plus driver software

automatically installed device driver software

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-14 (2)

open computer management: device manager – nissan diagnostic devices – nissan vehicle interface 2

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-15 (2)

step 5: consult 3 plus 75.15.00 test

open CONSULT III plus on desktop

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-16 (2)
Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-17 (2)

nissan consult iii 75.15.00 works good! installation is success!

Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-18 (2)
Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-19 (2)
Consult-III-Plus-V75.15-Software-Installation-Guide-20 (2)

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