How to choose the most suitable mileage tool for Lexus

There are many mileage tools available for Lexus GS, how can I choose the most suitable tool?

Model: 2016-2019 Lexus
Purpose: mileage correction

Ideal machine use and test reports:

Dash has eeprom 93c86 … Very easy to calculate new miles.
Most eeprom programmers can read the chip. Unpack, unsolder, read and post on the forum so someone can help you with calculations. No tool can do this through obd port.

The safest way is to use a hex editor and a good programmer.

Any eeprom programmer, even your Digiprog 3 can read … this is a simple 93c86 x 16-bit.

Yanhua Digimaster 3 can correct mileage without any problems.


Carprog online dashboard odometer for Lexus 93C86 was successfully programmed.

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