MDI 2 Error LED Lights After Power On

This section is intended to help you get back on track if the GM MDI 2 Scan Tool appears to be operating abnormally. In addition, the most likely cause for the condition is given as well as other possible causes and recommendations on how to isolate or eliminate the problem.

MDI 2 Does Not Pass Power On Self-Test (POST)
Most Likely Cause:Internal problem in the MDI 2.
Recommendations:Connect the MDI 2to a PC using USB and perform the recovery procedure.

MDI 2 Error LED Lights After Power On
Most Likely Cause:A problem has been detected during power on.
Recommendations:Power down the MDI 2and verify that it has the same problem when you power up again.
Connect the MDI 2to a PC using USB and perform the recovery procedure.

MDI 2 Fails to Power Up
The MDI 2 should power up as soon as external power is applied. If the MDI 2does not turn on, first check the power cable connections. Try supplying power to the MDI 2from different power sources—the vehicle DLC connector or USB.

Recommendations:Check that the cables are securely attached to the MDI 2and the connector pins are clean.If connecting to the vehicle DLC connector, try powering via USB.Verify power at the DLC connector.

MDI 2 Vehicle LED is Blinking Red

If the MDI 2 does not detect 12V on Pin 16 of the DLC cable, the MDI 2 will inform the user by automatically turning on and blinking the Vehicle LED red.  This condition might be seen if the MDI 2 is only powered by a 5V USB connection or if the DLC Cable has accidently been displaced from the vehicle Data LinkConnector and is powered from the backup capacitor.  When the MDI 2 detects 12V on Pin 16, the Vehicle LED will stop blinking red.

Recommendations:Ensure 12V is applied to Pin 16 of the DLC cable

MDI 2 Turns Off Immediately When Disconnected from the Vehicle During a Diagnostic Session

If the MDI 2 does not remain on during cranking or DLC disconnect, there may be a problem charging the internal capacitor.

The MDI 2 should remain powered up if poweris lost during engine cranking or after it is disconnected from power (vehicle DLC)during a diagnostic session. The MDI 2 speaker will beep to notify the user that power has been lost unexpectedly during the diagnostic session.
Recommendations:Check for 12V power supply at the vehicle DLC connectorEnsure that the MDI 2 has been connected to the vehicle DLC for at least 90 seconds to charge the internal capacitor.

MDI 2 Checkmark LED is Blinking

If the internal temperature of the MDI 2 has exceeded the maximum limit, the MDI 2 will automatically turn off the wireless adapter.  This will be visible to the user by the Checkmark LED blinking.  When the internal temperature of the MDI 2 lowers to an acceptable value, the wireless adapter will be re-enabled for wireless communication.

Recommendations:Move the MDI 2 to a cooler location near the vehicle

Suspected Defective Data Link Connector (DLC) Cable

If you suspect a defective DLC Cable, you should perform the Cable Test from the MDI Manager.  The MDI Manager softwaresupports a DLC Cable Self Test with the use of the Self Test Adapter.  The Cable Test will suggest whether or not the DLC Cable is defective.  The Self Test Adapter used for the test is not intended to be used for vehicle communication.  The following steps can be followed to perform the DLC Cable Test.

1.Start the MDI Manager software by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
2.Place the Self Test Adapter on the end of the SAE J1962 DLC cable.
3.Connect the adapter cable to a 12V power source by either connecting the adapter to a vehicle data connector or by plugging in the 12V DC source.
4.Connect your MDI 2 to the MDI Manager using a USB cable.
5.Connect your MDI 2 to the MDI Manager using the Connect button in the Explorer tab.
6.Select the Cable Test button from the Help tab within the MDI Manager software.
7.The MDI Manager software will inform you to ensure the self test adapter is connected to the end of the DLC cable with 12V applied.
8.The MDI Manager software will run a series of tests on the DLC cable.  The results will be displayed as PASS or FAIL.

Wireless Communication with Network Unsuccessful using DWA131 E1 dongle

The D-Link DWA131 E1 dongle is not intended to be used for PC wireless communication to a network.  The DWA131 E1 dongle is only intended to be used with the MDI 2 for Point-to-Point communication or Infrastructure wireless communication.

Recommendations:Make sure you do not have two D-Link wireless dongles connected to the PC.Make sure you are not trying to connect the PC to your dealership network using the DWA131 E1 dongle

MDI Manager Displays the Yellow Icon over the MDI 2 after previous use

There may be instances when Windows does not recognize the installation of the DWA131 E1 wireless adapter.  In these cases, Windows may create a new wireless profile instead of using the existing one already stored on the PC.  The yellow icon displayed over your MDI 2 instructs you toplug in the USB cable between the MDI 2 and the PC.

Always use Windows to safely Eject the wireless adapter before physically removing it from your PC.?
Unplug and then re-install your wireless adapter.  Windows will attempt to recognize the wireless adapter.  If successful, the yellow icon will disappear and the MDI 2 will be ready for wireless Point-to-Point communication.

PC Application is Unable to Communicate with the MDI 2 over USBMDI Manager Software must be installed on the PC, and the MDI 2 must be powered up before it will communicate.  The MDI 2 must be configured through USB before it will communicate using any other connection types. If other applications including the MDI Manager are able to connect to the MDI 2 then oCheckthe Windows Firewall settings to see if the application is being blocked

If all installed applications are unable to communicate with the MDI 2 then?Connect the MDI 2 to the PC using USB but do not connect it to the vehicle, Do not connect through a USB Hub or a repeater cable.?Verify that the USB  cables are securely attached and the  MDI 2 has completed its power up sequence?Launch the MDI Manager Application ?Does MDI Manager detect the MDI 2?

If NO?Try a different USB Cable / Port on the PC?Check the Windows Firewall to see if the MDI Manager is Blocked. Check that the MDI 2 USB connection is detected by Windows:?From the Windows Control Panel, open the Network and Dial-up Connections window.?Check for device name “Bosch VCI”.  If not running, then the USB driver has not been loaded on the PC. Perform the following troubleshooting steps.1.Unplug the USB cable from the PC and plug it back in to the same USB port on the PC. Continue if not resolved. 2.Unplug the USB cable from the PC and plug it back in to a different USB port on the PC. Continue if not resolved.3.With the MDI 2 plugged into the PC with a USB cable, open the device manager from the Windows control panel. In device manager search for an unknown or improperly configured device. The MDI 2 will likely be detected as one of the following:?Other device –RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget with a yellow exclamation icon?Universal serial bus controllers –Unknown USB Devicei.Right click on the device name in device manager > Update Driver > Browse my computer for driver software > Browse > C:\Program Files (x86)\GM MDI Software\USBDriver4.Plug a different MDI 2 device (MDI #2) into the PC (PC #1). Continue if not resolved.5.Plug the original MDI 2 device (MDI #1) into a different PC (PC #2) with MDI manager software installed on it.6.Contact Technical Support.

If YES?Test if connection lost when  the MDI 2 is connected to the Vehicle –oCheck for Ground faults -(Battery Chargers, Hoists…)  This issue may be resolved by correcting the ground fault or configuring the MDI 2 to connect wireless or Ethernet. oCheck for an improperly wired DLC connector ?If the MDI Manager is still not able to communicate with the MDI 2, perform the Recovery Procedure on the MDI 2PC Application is Unable to Communicate with the MDI 2 over Wireless  or EthernetCheck that the wireless card is properly seated in the MDI 2.Confirm the MDI can connect over USB.

If using point to point confirm the PC has a single dongle connected, connect  the MDI 2 to the PC using USBConfirm the communication is enabled and the IP configuration is properly set using the MDI Manager softwareIf using infrastructure wireless, contact your IT department andcheck that your PC is detecting the wireless access point, and the correct security settings have been configured for the OBD2TOOL MDI 2.

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