The Best Subaru OBD Diagnostic Scanner

If you’re looking for the best obd2 diagnostic scanners that will allow Subaru owners to perform in-depth troubleshooting themselves, look no further.

Let’s get to it.

The OBD2 scanners listed here are able to scan the following systems:

ABS – Anti-lock brake system.
SRS – Airbag system.
ECU – Engine Control System.
TCU – Automatic Transmission Control Unit.

If you are looking for an OBD2 that will allow you to read engine codes and erase the Check Engine Light you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a diagnostic scanner. Any generic OBD2 scanner will get the job done.

Let’s start taking a look at the scanner that is used at Subaru dealerships. Next we will look at some alternatives and affordable diagnostic scanners for Subaru owners.


Subaru dealerships use the Select Monitor III scanner. The scanner will allow you to access all systems on Subaru vehicles.  The Monitor III is without a doubt the best OBD2 scanner for Subaru cars.

The original HDS is expensive ($2,999 ), but the clone VXDIAG Subaru vcx is an affordable professional-level scanner for Subaru at $269.

VXDIAG Subaru is able to perform dealer level diagnostic and programming functions, including:
1. All System Diagnosis. Selecting this item displays on a single screen the fault detect status of all control system control modules for which SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and memorized diagnostic codes.

2. Each System Check. Selecting this item makes it possible to select a particular system from among the control systems forwhich SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and perform fault diagnosis. This item can be used to view input/output data of the system control modules that perform fault diagnosis, memorized diagnostic codes, and other data on the PC display. This menu item is also used after repair work is complete to delete diagnostic codes, to configure control module settings, etc.

3. Saved Data Display.
4. Immobilizer.
5. Reprogram.
6. Read CF application measurement data.
7. Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder.
8. Oscilloscope. After attaching the optional pulse/analog cartridge to SDI, connect the pulse/analog box to the SDI and using pulse/analog probe to perform analog sampling. But we do not provide pulse/analog cartridge.
9. Program Subaru smart key

Access to all system
Have Immo and programming features
Professional scanner


Need a laptop to work with
Cannot work on Win10

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