Which BMW key programmer work on BMW CAS 3+

If BMW car owner lost all BMW CAS 3+ key and need a spare key, which BMW key programmer work on BMW CAS 3+? By collecting the experience from senior BMW locksmith, Obd2tool.com conclude 3 tools, BMW multi tool, Digimaster 3.
BMW Multi tool


1) BMW Multi Tool can do:
BMW MultiTool work very good not all case lost all keys, but the price is good.
Many users test ok, have programmed many new keys with working key in ews, cas 1, cas2, cas3 all lost key.

2) BMW MultiTool can not do Cas 3+ cas 4 all lost key:
For cas3+ you need working key even by dump or for all keys lost you need engine ecu dump and cas dump.Im sure soon it will be cas3+ lost keys by dump of CAS unit only, but for now cas3+ by dump needs either working key or dump of engine ecu also.

Digimaster 3:
Some users test cas3+ very good working digimaster 3 via obd, done about serveral keys. Never down, a expensive kit !! But looks good.

But some locksmith proved AVDI can’t do cas4+ encryption keys, the key can only do CAS4.

Wish more experienced users share more cheap working tools which tool work on CAS 3+ and CAS4+ all key lost.

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