(Fixed) Yanhua acdp do FEM “all buttons inside car not working”

Story begins with one Yanhua mini acdp user’s problem, he bought Yanhua Mini ACDP for FEM /BDC programming and feedback “I do fem, preprocess and backup eeprom and coding, reset mileage all ok, recover eeprom and coding, software shows ok, i think it is not recovering coding properly
Install fem into car, radiator fan inside engine always on, all buttons inside car not working like climate control and volume up/down.”

Obd2tool.com engineer advised:
As long as the ” software shows ok”, the problem is not the coding. If the user think it is the coding problem, you can click on “Method 2: manual single step operation” then “Step 7: Recover coding data”. Meanwhile, Before dismantling FEM module, please disconnect the car battery.


Finally, done OK!!!
Before do fem, always first make backup of 95128 eeprom, sometimes yanhua can read corrupt eeprom and write corrupt eeprom
Always make backup on eeprom programmer like xprog or upa.

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