How to use Benz MB STAR DAS Smart TAN code calculator

MB STAR diagnostic tool Smart TAN Code software is designed to open the special function in MB STAR diagnostic tool DAS program with Smart cars 450/451/452/454.

Our Benz Super MB STAR C3 diagnostic tool comes with Smart TAN Code software. But other MB STAR Series: MB SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic system, Mb Star C3 multiplexer etc do not includes SMART tan code calculator software in the package, you need to order additional package: SS27: DAS Calculator for Smart with USB.


Smart TAN Code System functions:
1. Add keys (Key Teach-in),
2. Softtouch activation,
3. Crouse control activation (Tempo mat),
4. Steering wheel gearshift activation,
5. Change equipment of car.
6. Brabus Performance Tuning

How to use the DAS TAN CODE calculator software?
1) Select type of code
2) Enter VIN or request-code which appears in the DAS software


3) Click “Calculate” button then enter calculated 12-digit TAN-code to field at bottom of DAS window.


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