(Solved) MB SD connect 4 got blue screen on Dell laptop

This poster offers solution to MB SD Connect C4 got blue screen on Dell laptop.

Dear Mr. or Mrs,

thank you for the fast shipment. The package has arrived but when inserting the MB SD Hard drive into my Dell laptop I wasn’t able to boot.

I got a blue screen and after the restart I got a message to try a windows recovery but this didn’t work either ??

Do you have a torrent or FTP so I can download and install everything manually, or would it be possible to get a replacement hard drive?

Thank you

Solution offered by www.obd2tool.com engineer:

Change another computer, switch achi mode for your Dell laptop.

BTW, there is no torrent or FTP for you to download and setup manually.

Good luck!!!


Finally, mb sdconnect c4 was got working with achi mode.:)


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