Does software updates and capabilities added to the icarscan?

I finally bought one myself, through OBD2TOOL. I haven’t used other tools, so do you all know, are the menus and options the same in different tools (ICarScan, Durametric, PIWIS)? I understand that support for some features can be missing, if related parameter is not programmed in the software, but those that are there, are they always organized the same way by the module in the other tools as well? For example, I was looking to check side mirrors, which should be controlled by the door module, but I couldn’t find them from ICarScan.


Maybe there should be a separate thread for this kind of questions, which would gradually become a kind of user manual for the software, unless someone has already written one. Have you seen software updates and capabilities added to the ICarScan Launch?

The Durametric is a classic Windows type interface – quite different from the EZScan smartphone based menu structure. There are many things both can do. There are some things, especially on the 958 series that the Durametric seems to have issues with. And for the side mirrors – if it’s not in the door module – check the Gateway. LOTS of stuff is controlled via the Gateway – that sometimes sends messages to the other modules, so control of things like the door mirror may start in the door with the switch to move them, go to the Gateway to get sorted out, then go back to the door module to be executed. The path isn’t always simple. If I have time later I’ll poke around and see if I can find where the mirrors can be controlled from.

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