Tools to utilize for diagnosing GM automobiles

Combine Basic Motors factory diagnostics and reflashing using the Mongoose Pro gm mdi 2 for far more thorough final results.

Common Motors is amongst the largest car manufacturers within the planet and sells an huge amount of autos in North America. In case your shop operates on a wide selection of vehicles, it really is a superb possibility that you simply see your fair share of GM automobiles come by way of the shop door. In the event you have ever deemed purchasing a Tech2 to execute electronic module repairs, you’d be having the best tool for the job. Nevertheless, there is certainly also a different low expense remedy.

GM is moving to a PC-based version of the Tech2 named Tech2Win which can be obtainable now. GM dealerships are utilizing this computer software in conjunction using the MDI communications interface. Precisely the same capability is often had by using Drew Technologies MongoosePro GM II communications interface at a fraction from the MDI’s price tag.

The MongoosePro GM II is a low-cost alternative to buying the MDI and has precisely the same capabilities. The MongoosePro GM II makes use of the identical service application out there from, and enables you to carry out Tech2 diagnostics with Tech2Win also as reflash all GM electronic modules with short term or long term subscriptions.

For anyone who is serious about becoming vested in GM OEM tooling, the Mongoose Pro GM II is often a OEM level tool that utilizes the OEM software program for any terrific cost.

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