KESS V2 V5.017 ECU Tuning tool FAQs

As a super hot ECU Chip tuning tools, KESS V2 V5.017 caught many customers ‘ eyes. Meanwhile, they also have a lot of questions about it. This post will show  you some frequently asked and answers about Auto key Programmer KESS V2 5.017. Hope it helps.


Q: Hey, I saw KESS V5.017 FROM can connect internet ! really ?
A: Yes, it can connect internet !

Q: Hi, I want to know if this KESS V5.017 comes with token reset button?
A: Yes, The KESS V2 including token reset button!

Q: Hi, can KESS V2 need Dongle or keygen?
A: KESS V2 No need dongle or keygen

Q: Hello, I heard it working for both cars and trucks, it’s right?
A: Yes, the latest KESS V2 Can support car / truck / tractor / bike! KESS V5 supports vehicle according to Motor. it can also support new vehicles!

Q: Hi , which language the kess v2 support?
A: It support English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French language

Q: Hello, according your website I saw 3 kinds of KESS V2 5.017, they are SE137, SE137-B and SE137-C , each of them has difference? Which one should be the best to buy?
A: There are 4 kinds of KESS V2 on our website, they are SE137, SE137-B, SE137-C and SE137-C1

All KESS V2 has the same function, unlimited tokens.

Difference: Comes from different Factory, difference PCB Board.
SE137-C and SE137-C1 comes from the same factory
SE137 have token reset button, SE137-B, SE137-C, SE137-C1 no need token reset button already unlimited.

Q: Hey, if I bought this item, you’ll ship from UK ? How many days arrival to Ireland? Tax Free?
A: Yes, ship to Ireland we can ship from our UK warehouse, It will take about 2-6 working days, No tax or any other extra fee!

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